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Staff Support


Know more about the Staff in China, there to support Volunteers be successful.

Executive, Safety & Security and Administrative Units


The Country Director (CD) has overall responsibility for Peace Corps China and is the final authority on all programming, budget, staffing, and policy and procedural issues. An Executive Assistant reports directly to the CD.


The Safety and Security Coordinator (SSC) is responsible for the overall safety and security of Trainees and Volunteers. The SSC reports directly to the CD.


The Director of Management and Operations (DMO), the manager of the Administrative Unit, has overall responsibility for budgeting, accounting, Volunteer allowance and reimbursement payments, inventory, Peace Corps office infrastructure, personnel, contracts, salary and benefits administration, and maintenance of property and vehicles. The DMO is supported by a Financial Assistant/IT Specialist, Cashier, General Services Manager, General Services Assistant/Driver and a Driver/Clerk.


Program and Training Unit


The Director of Program and Training (DPT), the manager of the Program and Training Unit, assists the Country Director with programming and provides oversight, supervision and support to Peace Corps Staff and Volunteers in the development, management and evaluation of projects and training programs.


The Program Managers (PM) oversees the development, expansion and routine management of programs. They provide guidance and general professional and personal support to Volunteers. PMs directly manage Peace Corps Volunteers working within assigned projects. PMs lead the process of developing Volunteer assignments as well as assisting Volunteers in adjusting to their sites and job responsibilities. They also ensure Volunteers comply with Peace Corps policies.


A Program Assistant (PA) arranges site visits, maintains Volunteer records, serves as a volunteer resource center co-coordinator, and handles Volunteer requests for TEFL resource support. A Program and Training Assistant (PTA) is responsible for the TEFL training during PST and ISTs and arranges site visits.


The Training Manager is the lead planner, trainer, designer, coordinator, evaluator, manager, and administrator of training activities for trainees and Volunteers. The Language/Cross-Culture Coordinator (LCCC) is responsible for the development, management, and monitoring of Volunteer language and cross-culture training. This involves formal training during PST and IST events as well as managing the tutoring program.


Medical Unit


Three Peace Corps Medical Officers (PCMO) are responsible for making sure Volunteers receive adequate medical care whenever necessary. They visit Volunteers at their sites to inspect houses and provide recommendations related to health, safety and security. Two Medical Assistants support the PCMOs in providing medical care and medical administration.